Albuquerque flute lessons. Private one-on-one flute lessons for beginners to advanced flutists.

Flute Lessons in the Greater Albuquerque Area

I have extensive experience teaching students of all ages and abilities, and am a frequent guest clinician for group masterclasses and sectionals, as well. While I truly enjoy getting young beginners off to the right start, most of my students are adults or advanced high school students, for which I have the most to offer. 

Lessons may take place at my studio in the South Valley, or in the convenience of your own home for those located in Corrales, Northwest Albuquerque, or Southeast Rio Rancho.

My rate is $45 per hour session, plus New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax.

Email, call, or text to schedule your first lesson:


Studio Policies and Teaching Philosophy

Welcome to my flute studio!  Here I’ve provided a general outline of expectations, teaching strategies, and payment policies that should be useful for both students and parents.

Teaching – Ultimately, what you hope to gain from flute lessons depends on you.   What we work on together will largely be based on your skill, the amount of time you can devote to practice, and most importantly, your personal goals.  Generally, there are three elements I try to incorporate into lessons:

Technique – Regardless of your level, we’ll work on some fundamentals of flute playing, warm-ups, scales, arpeggios, and exercises.  For beginner students, I will provide handouts.  For intermediate and advanced students, I suggest you purchase this very affordable compilation: Trevor Wye’s Complete Daily Exercises for the Flute (pub. Novello, $25.95 at Amazon.com or Fluteworld.com).

Repertoire – We will work together on music you bring, whether it is an All State audition piece, music for your high school band, or something of your choice.  For solo material I will help you decide what is appropriate, but you should also be proactive in choosing what you would like to play!

Duets – Duets can provide a fun and engaging way to play and learn by example.  We will use them periodically to improve your sight-reading skills and ensemble playing.

Notebook – Students should keep a notebook and bring it to lessons.  Please use it to write your assignments, and brief notes to help you focus your practice for the week following a lesson.  Writing down notes in your own words is a great way to retain what you learn!

Tuition and Location – I offer lessons from the convenience of your home in the Northwest quadrant of Albuquerque, Corrales, and Southeast Rio Rancho, and from my studio in the South Valley. Lessons are $45 per hour session, plus tax. If you live outside the Albuquerque area please contact me to discuss lessons via Skype. This is a source of income for me, so I ask that you please follow these guidelines for payment and rescheduling:

Payment – Please pay for four lessons at a time, (that is, the lesson on the day you pay, and the following three lessons).

Rescheduling – If you know you will have to reschedule a lesson, please let me know as soon as possible: certainly no later than 24 hours before.  If you miss a lesson without notifying me, or do not notify me at least one day before, you must pay for the lesson regardless.  We will try to reschedule for another day that week.

Cancellation – Please do not cancel a lesson unless it is absolutely necessary. Emergency cancellations do happen, but please make every effort to reschedule.

Holidays – Lesson schedules will understandably be more flexible around holidays, school breaks, vacations, etc.  Please just notify me in advance if you do not plan on having lessons during these periods.